Maya then rushes off to the Harvest Chamber where, instead of Monty or Harper, she finds Bellamy Blake hanging upside-down. One of them walks up to Bellamy and asks him if he is on a ground unit because his father is training to be on a ground unit. This was the name of the Roman goddess of spring, the wife of Vulcan. Animale: They are stopped by Vincent Vie who begs Tilling to let his daughter go. Monty is against the idea and Miller asks who would help them. Dr. Tsing says they need to begin immediately and Jasper agrees. Seasons Maya Vie was a recurring character in the second and sixth seasons. This is also another name of the Hindu goddess Durga. The similar name Mia is also sometimes used as a spelling variant of Maya. Monty comes out and tells them he hid and had to let them kill Mrs. Ryan because he overheard that the Mountain Men know about Echo's Grounder army and are going for the Harvest Chamber. Maya: Significa 'água', 'mãe', 'grande', 'ilusão'. Biographical Information In italia...Maia!Per il significato non so!BHoooooo! Later, Jasper is in a bed in Medical next to Maya. Maya leads Josephine to the cave where Clarke has supposedly hidden the memory in the rover. Maia Maya o Maja?????? All rights reserved. Bellamy tells Maya that she is a "natural-born revolutionary," and she replies she is just trying to do what is right. In letteratura italiana Maia è cantata dal poeta Gabriele D’Annunzio nel primo libro delle ‘Laudi’ dal titolo “Maia: laus vitae” ossia Maia: lode della vita. Sobrenomes mais comuns e incomuns com o nome Maya. © 2001-2020 - Nomix ® è un marchio registrato da Lovejoy enters and asks her if she's seen Thorpe. Clarke forces Maya to take her through Mount Weather to the mess hall where the residents of Mount Weather are eating. Torna al forum Thread precedenti. Bellamy asks her if her name is Maya and she says yes. Bellamy watches as Octavia and Maya are caught in the Mess Hall. He also wants to try getting out like Clarke did but Maya says it won't be possible now since security has been increased. Cookie Policy - The name is also used as a variant form of the Greek-origin name Maia (Μαια in Ancient Greek), the eldest of the Pleiades and the mother of Hermes in Greek and Roman mythology. You are all of the above. A woman looks over and sees Clarke holding the girl hostage and screams out there has been a containment breach, causing widespread panic with many covering their faces as they run from the dining hall. Maya tells him he just left and as Lovejoy is on his way out the door, a patient's machine beeps, signaling her treatment is done. The elevator stops and two more people get on. Greco: Mâia; latina, spagnola, multilingue: Maja; francese: Maïa; inglese plurilingue: Maye con i diminutivi Mae e May (che lo sono anche di Maria: vedi); hawaiano: Mei… The goddess Maia was one of the Pleiades, the daughters of Atlas and Pleione; she was the mother by Jupiter of mercury. Jasper and Maya kiss goodbye and Jasper tells her he loves her. Trota when i was young..people would tell me that..illusion....i work in retail..they would see my name..and they would say that to i have more info..but i would like to know that bit of info a little retail..for a long time....usually the people would be from parent were dutch and indonasion....i am curious... now i know why my parents named me this..when i was young...i did not like my name..but now..i see why they named me that..i have become my name..thank you to my parents..for seeing my inner self..from day one....i look to the skys now...and thank them in prayer...i hope i am making them proud.. In Old Persian the name means "generous.". Bellamy says he wants to see the other Delinquents first. Sgt. Family Information Bellamy finally realizes that the mountain is not just full of Mountain Men Guard but also civilians. Leggi articolo. Greco-latina Home Don't know if it means ILLUSION. Jasper agrees to it. As Jasper grows sleepy from the drugs in Maya's system, Dr. Tsing mentions it's "perfectly normal" which makes Monty ask how she knows that if she's never done it before. Variante femminile di MaiaOrigine Maiaderiva dalla parola greca *maia* il cui significato è *nutrice*. As the boy leaves, his backpack reveals the last name, "Lovejoy." According to tradition, Queen Māyā of Sakya was also the name of the mother of Siddartha Gautama, the Buddha. Enjoy the name your parents gave you. Monty tells them he thinks he found a way to get a signal out of Mount Weather from the design schematics he stole from Dante Wallace's office. - Pubblicità 7 December 2015 Maya Gransbergen, Maya is a wonderful name with wonderful meaning. Dal magazine: nomi per bambini Secondo me, dipende dal significato che uno vuol attribuire al nome. Si raccomanda di chiedere sempre il parere del proprio medico curante e/o di specialisti riguardo qualsiasi indicazione riportata. You are all of the above. She might be loosely based on Sasha, the daughter of the president of Mount Weather in the books. Emerson realizes what they have done and takes off running. Enjoy the name your parents gave you. P. Iva: IT02941300044 The graph below represents the number of people who were given the name Maya for each year since 1900 in the U.S.A.: For other names check our Name Day Calendar, Maya is a feminine name with multiple meanings. risp!!!! Maya says, "I'm in," and hands Bellamy Lovejoy's gun and badge. Killed By Maya is determined with a gentle soul, willing to help anyone in need. Frequenza In Italia è un nome raro ma di tendenza portato da circa un migliaio di persone (Màia ne conta poco più di 200, le varianti Màja circa 400 e Maya 300) Esiste pure al maschile: Maio si conta sulle dita di una mano. Pubblicità - He then leaves with Lee to go after Cage. Affiliation Se pensiamo invece al mondo indiano, la cui versione è la più utilizzata e diffusa, il significato del nome Maya è “illusione“; Maya era il nome di una dea del mondo indiano e portato anche dalla madre del Gautama Buddha. The month of May is named for her. Maya gives a hug to her father in goodbye. The name Maya is ranked on the 683rd position of the most used names. (Màia ne conta poco più di 200, le varianti Màja circa 400 e Maya 300) Versione indiana della forma italiana Maia, Maya è un nome femminile derivante dal greco 'maia' che significa 'nutrice'. As she cuts out Bellamy's tracking device, she asks him how he knew her name. Tilling falls dead as Vincent runs over to the air vent and pries it open, revealing Bellamy Blake, while Miller takes down the other guard and bashes his head against the wall. We always try to deliver a high-quality service to our customers. Maya claims he must have been exposed and steals the man's handkerchief to hold against Bellamy's face as she kicks the other man out of the elevator to do her job of tracing down the alleged radiation leak. Maya interrupts to warn them that there is a guard coming. You may redistribute it, verbatim or modified, providing that you comply with the terms of the GFDL. In mitologia, Maia è una bellissima ninfa acquatica delle Plèiadi che Zeus o Giove rese madre di Ermes o Mercurio… Frequenza Monty asks if Jasper is sure he wants to do this just as Maya starts seizing. Si tratta di un nome presente in varie culture e pertanto si riscontrano molteplici etimologie: con questo termine veniva infatti designato il popolo Maya, che abitava il Centro-America nel periodo antecedente l'arrivo di Cristoforo Colombo e quindi prima della colonizzazione europea; in sanscrito significa "illusione" ed è il nome della madre di Buddha; nella mitologia greca Maia è una delle Pleiadi (assume il significato di "madre o nutrice") mentre in quella romana è la dea della primavera; ed infine in ebraico significa "acqua". Maya tells Lovejoy that she thinks she saw Thorpe in the mess hall and Lovejoy leaves. N.B. In Buddhist tradition this is the name of the mother of Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha). From the Command Center monitors, Bellamy sees their predicament just as Emerson arrives outside the Command Center door. Maya explains that everyone knows everyone else as she removes Lovejoy's name-tag and gives Bellamy a hat. pin Anda sendiri di Pinterest. Bellamy tells Maya she has done enough and should walk away. Her parents were part of a movement that refused the blood treatments. Bellamy tells them to go with Vincent to the Harvest Chamber where they will be safe. Female Significato. Maya Gransbergen, Maya is a wonderful name with wonderful meaning. Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2) (physical)Nevermind (hallucination). - Privacy Maya lies and says she wanted to know what was so special about the subject but he is dead. Meaning: The meaning of the name Maya is: Mother. She tells him she can take him to the radio and that Monty and Harper have already gone missing. Maya stabs Lovejoy in the neck with a scalpel and Bellamy and Lovejoy begin fighting. Mount Weather guards arrive and Clarke allows herself to be taken into custody. Monty holds up the monitor to the hall cameras to show Maya in a hazmat suit being forced down the hall by guns as Cage tells them she only has 20 minutes of oxygen in her suit so Jasper has only 20 minutes save her by surrendering. jsdchtml3(' apsº ntadlru-a"=rof¦¦mutrela1¦3469992¦6 "9salc=sfa"tsop-a-trelfa -ntb-of murtb-faf-nmuro--bal ¹"le sº c napal"=ssoitcap-nnera"teS¹alang¦ºnaps ¹ º napssalc "=sp-fasoa-t-trelertlusih "neddG¹izarrep eal aut s ngeizalanos¦ºenap ¹ s¦º ¹nap', 'af_jsencrypt_5') jsdchtml3(' sº napsalc =s-fa"-tsopsna rewfatb-rof-nmu-fa ntburof--mirp- yram-falper-ygiroc thnnetcesUdnOsreylad "rh-at=feof¦"urc¦ms-emorcrevitse-li-eonm-emf-aya91d6346a#p-f1-tso69-634992sna,9ewot-roler,"da ¹ napsºc ssala"=noitcp-neraiR¹"topsºidns¦nap ¹ s¦º nap¹', 'af_jsencrypt_6'), Vedi altrojsdchtml3(' º h a=ferh"pttw¦¦:swwfla.mmeelinic.g¦modivarznaet¦atsid-varg-diazna5v-65773h. In lingua hindu, del resto, il nome May significa “potere creatore divino”. Her knowledge of the facility and willingness to help the delinquents kept the majority of them safe and alive inside the mountain during their revolt. She was portrayed by cast member Eve Harlow and debuted in "The 48".. Maya worked in the medical section of Mount Weather and also worked in the Mount Weather decontamination unit. Interpretation: Qualities: Practical, Dependable Ruling planet: Uranus Colors: Blue, Gray Gemstones: Sapphire. There is nothing surprising in this: both names have the same origin or the same numbers of numerology. She was portrayed by cast member Eve Harlow and debuted in "The 48". Maya was born on Earth, and lived with her father, Vincent Vie, in Mount Weather. Octavia chases after them and takes out two Mount Weather Guards with her sword and newly learned grounder moves. 1 novembre (Maia è nome adespoto cioè senza santo patrono o protettore omonimo) Maya suggests that Clarke likes being the savior, likes playing God and is not so different from the Primes. Dotata di grande forza di carattere, Maya impone la sua personalità ovunque si trovi. She injects him with epinephrine to wake him up and asks him if he is from The Ark and if he knows Jasper. Se per esempio si intende il significato "illusione" allora Maya, se invece quello di "nutrice" Maia. Portrayal Maio è un’isola di Capo Verde e forma la Contea di Maio… It is more often used as a unisex (male and female) name. It is currently among the top hundred names used for baby girls in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Belgium, Norway, and Israel as well as in other countries. The section "History and Origin" of this page contains content from the copyrighted Wikipedia article "Maya (given name)"; that content is used under the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). Suddenly, Maya's face starts breaking out in radiation burns and an alarm sounds a containment breach. Two, Six Acero Monty then sets up a looping transmission to get a message to Camp Jaha. Maya Nome is on Facebook. The 48 Lovejoy checks the heart monitor without realizing Maya had already detached the wires from Bellamy and had started to get him down. Monty and Miller scatter while Maya and Jasper stay behind to cover the hole. Later, Maya has gotten Jasper, Monty, and Miller to a storage area in Mount Weather that, according to Monty's schematics, will allow them access to the wires of the radio tower. Variants include Mayako and Mayaka. Varianti straniere Lovejoy remarks that she has finished her treatment an hour early, and it was a new record. Once Maya reaches the Delinquents, she tells Jasper that Fox is okay and that Bellamy is going to get some guns in through the trash chute. It means that this name is very frequently used. Where else could you find a name that means ILLUSION, LOVE and AFFECTION? Maya accuses Clarke of having killed more people than she's saved and states that if Clarke really wanted to save people, she'd walk away. Maya wakes up to Clarke's horror and confronts Clarke over her actions. He eventually gives up and yanks the wires out to cut power and turn the chute to manual. Very few people know the meaning of your name. Maya then takes Bellamy through Mount Weather as she tells him to get the guns and she'll worry about getting them to the Mess Hall on Level 5. Join Facebook to connect with Maya Nome and others you may know. Maya or Mya is also a name used by Muslims. Octavia gives Jasper a knife and explains to him how to cut Cage's throat. Vincent warns Bellamy that the Mountain Men will never stop. Pianta: e qual'è il suo significato???? Maya has shoulder length dark, wavy hair and olive skin. In Resurrection, after Bellamy saves Fox from being harvested, Maya joins them and tells Bellamy they need to get Fox someplace safe. Occupation Bellamy tells her that Clarke told him how Jasper, "couldn't stop talking about someone named Maya." Bellamy dumps Lovejoy's body in the Containment chute and changes into his uniform. Please feel free to read what others say about this name and to share your comments if you have more information. In Inclement Weather, Maya brings Nathan Miller up to the Delinquents' dorm after he is released from Medical (his injuries from the battle with the Grounders required 3 surgeries). L.a. e colore feci. Condizioni d'uso - Tilling tells Vincent to step aside and raises his gun at him. He tells them to give him Maya and takes her down the chute with him. She leaves for the Medical Ward and starts looking through patient records as she tries to see any anomalies that might point to Monty's or Harper's whereabouts. They split up with Bellamy, Clarke, and Monty going after Dante and Octavia going with Jasper and Maya to get her to Level 5 before she runs out of oxygen. Melhores sobrenomes, sobrenomes mais populares com o nome Maya. Later, Bellamy is leading the Delinquents through Mount Weather. The unrelated name Maia, meaning "palm tree" in the Māori language, is popular for Māori girls in New Zealand. About the author. He tells Maya what she is doing is dangerous and Maya tells him that it is what her mother would have done. Her son by Zeus was Hermes. Numero di risposte. Radiation poisoning Verde Modello organizzativo - Jasper follows after and they get her mask off in time. As the guard approaches, Jasper kisses Maya to disguise their reason for being there and the guard kicks them out. Jasper and Maya return to the dorm and ask Miller if he has seen Monty. Può riferirsi inoltre ad una popolazione centroamericana, ad un gruppo indigeno australiano, ad un termine giapponese dai molteplici significati, al nome della madre di Buddha. Maya worked in the Medical Ward of Mount Weather and also assisted with quarantine breaches and decontamination. Può … In "Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)", Maya was killed along with the rest of the Mountain Men after Clarke and Bellamy flush radiation throughout Mount Weather. Later, Jasper and Monty discuss that they haven't seen Clarke for a while and don't think that she even slept in her bed the night before. Maya tells Jasper he has to make it look like everything is okay and to not do anything stupid. Portrayed by PensoMaia. Leggi articolo, Il primo film dell'Ape Maia arriva in edicola con Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni: non perdete il primo lungometraggio dedicato alla famosa ape della nostra infanzia She has a revolutionary spark inside of her, which she got from her parents. Guarda cosa ho trovato...Li ho trovati tutti, comunque io opterei per Maia con la i.MAIA (1) Gender: Feminine Usage: Greek Mythology, Roman Mythology Other Scripts: (Ancient Greek) Pronounced: MAY-a (English), MIE-a (English) [key] Meaning unknown. Il nome del mese di maggio, mese di frutti e fiori, deriva proprio da Maia, la fecondatrice. Jasper tells them he needs to kill Cage Wallace in order for Maya to be able to survive. Mount Weather, Earth Octavia sits with Maya until Jasper runs over. Alternate spellings proliferate, with the name sometimes spelled Maia, Maja, Maiya, Miya, Mya, or Myah. After her mother's death, her father decided to continue accepting the blood treatments because Maya was too young to be left alone. Additionally, Maya can be a name of Japanese origin, with different meanings. Nutrice, madre, creatrice… We estimate that there are at least 830700 persons in the world having this name which is around 0.012% of the population. In Nevermind, while trying to escape Josephine Lightbourne in her Mindspace, Clarke enters the Mount Weather Quarantine Ward and finds Maya's radiation-burned body in a plastic bag on a bed. Jasper and Maya beg her not to open it because if she does, all of the people inside the mountain will die from radiation exposure. In Greek and Roman mythology she was the eldest of the Pleiades, the group of seven stars in the constellation Taurus, who were the daughters of Atlas and Pleione. She offers him her chocolate cake as Clarke comes over to apologize for earlier before she leaves again. As they get on the elevator, another resident gets on with them and chats with Maya. She takes Monty and Jasper to a storage room where it is private and tells them that she found out the radiation breach was not an accident. Maya quickly realizes that Clarke stole her access card and she and Jasper start to chase after Clarke. Clarke explains that it is her Mindspace so she can create whatever she wants, including the projection of Maya who has now disappeared.