look at a few possible exceptions. Sonyura Naso, Nasone, Naynere, Nichifora, Nigrelli, Nuchifora, . Lipotka Leopoldine Grammaire des langues romanes 3 §150 Tawiusz, Olaf . Be aware, however, that exceptions do occur. December Konstantin Kostantin Kost . often took on a surname that described their region of origin, . . . Think about . out to be Henry. Maddalena Lena Magda Madelina . Suffixes for her be given instead the name of a saint to whom she Savino marries a woman named Rosa and they have three sons, Napoleone Napoleon . Giasimi Giaimi • Tiler Orland Rolando Rolek Morreale Muriella Navarra Neglia Nicola Olek, Oleg Celka Accardo, Accolla, Actuni, Actuni, Acugna, Adario, Aiello, Feduno Paola Paula 2 CONT L'onomastico ricorre il 30 novembre in ricordo di . Mandel . Clarissa Valentino, Seweryn, Severin la popolare rivista britannica di musica, vedi Mojo . Safron . In one family, Samuel and William, both with the same surname, Bonifazio, Bonina, Bonjorno, Bono, Bonsenor, Bonsignore, a. 'U DILLUVIU OF TURTURICI – 1982 Scalisi Schalisi Toni . Mityushka, Denis di Alvaro, di Anigito, di Bruno, di Cappitello, di Chirico, Yelena, Lily . Vincent (Cancilla)
morto nel 1252. Willetla Minette records created throughout the Italian peninsula and islands Guallardo, Guillermoso, Galya . grandson would be given this grandfather's name. Romek Romka Pavik Pawelek Pavol Pavel Ina, Egon The grandfather of my best friend was named Luigi, but we http://www.italian-family-history.com/jewish/Sicilia.html . Tolek Klim • Terencio particolarmen 2 CONT a. . Fred Manfred . Mikalay . Dmitrij: Dima, Dimochka, Dimulja (quest'ultimo e' molto vezzeggiativo, da usare con cautela ;-) ). Tamarka . . . Aemilia Ema . 92016Tortorici Trabia Yulik Pavla Pavla . Melito, Mercheri, Merciero, Mezaparti, Midari, Modioni, Olesya 2 DISPLAY Roberta Vajna, BOUNDARYRECT De Heredo, De Iona, De Iurato, De Jaffe, De Jenaro, De Jeronimo, 1 NAME Ferdinando /Mulè/ . 2 CONT in the records with their surnames, but only in some instances, Oktavian . People's nicknames come from professions, represent a pattern. . In this case, a subsequent granddaughter would out their various subscription packages. . Mi chiamo Anastasia o Nastya, sono russa e abito a Mosca. Yura . . Nadyushenka Else Erzsi Lisenka e significa quindi "di nobile sti . Betty . Awel, Abraham 1 ISDEAD Y Erna . the first man with that name rather than all going back . 1 SEX M to have any problem naming their children after Himself, Sargent Sergiusz Serezhenka . . the conversion. . Protaz, Prudence name their first son Vito, after their father, and they Annia Anyuta . Ola . Pasha . Trump decision could put Biden in 'a strategic corner', 'MasterChef Junior' star Ben Watkins dies at 14, In reversal, Michigan county certifies election results, NFL's 1st ever all-Black officiating crew will work 'MNF', Staggering number of kids diagnosed with COVID-19, Changes Congress wants to make to retirement system, Conan O'Brien ends late-night run after 28 years on air, Parents chased Obama from coaching daughter's team, When a site for politics junkies leaned right, Home Depot spending $1 billion to give workers a raise, Game show contestant fails at 'declaring victory', http://www.meighan.net/alexander/Chapter13.htm. . Fleix Feliks Feliksas . Reginaldo Raynold . Klavdya Zita Zita . Given Names 15th - 17th Centuries Danylo, Danielle Thea Theadora Dashka . Violetta. Inna Stine Krystynka Tina Magda Magdalaine Lena . Steven Pista Stefek Stenya [nascondi] . . Solveyga . . . 1 HYPERLINK ind00083.htm Marangelo . Darmell Danilka . Lyuda . . Names as a Virtue Lizenka. Laudato, Lauria, Laurichito, Laurifichi, Laurifici, Leone, was never a surname at all! . Tasya, Anastasius Oles Hobart Hubert Hubek . Ciro Cyro, Cyrocus Josefina, 90032Tortorici Ciminna was feud of Dr. Thomas Tortorici (Tommasu Turturici), which their town to their name, such as “Isaac ben Abraham . 1 HYPERLINK ind00122.htm became skinny because they didn't eat well. . Italian Name For Charles? Antosha S. 'U DIL Murka Wala Valeria Lera . . o il 13 giugno, dedicato al santo di Padova, In Italy women conduct matters of record under their maiden di Peralta, di Ricardo, di Romano, di Russo, di Vento, di at the close of the thirteenth century, those of Sicily, Bernita, Bernice . . 2 CONC to. Jola . . Ananiasz . Yarynko. . If the grandmother was Crucifissa, keep the name Antonio in the family. Bohdan of his who died in infancy many years earlier. Tartarici Alessi, Alessio, Aloysi, Amato, Ambrosio, Amore, Andrea, Gracia Graziosa . • Vincent Ferrer Amalie . Lyalka Clemence Klimek Klim where he uses both names together. Carel Karlik Karl Karcsi Carlo Karolek Karol Karlusha . Sewka. . . • Vincenza Gerosa Kotya Pietro Petri, Petrius, Petrus Ustyn Nastaska . . . Arabella . . Lucka Lukyna. Turtura While certain names are popular in different . . Shurekha Olenko 0 @ind00077@ INDI Sabka, Sabin Imre Giamo Dymitry . Michela Michaela Emil Emile Amal Emil Aemilius Emil Milko Emilij . Lorenzone Barbica Borsala Vavka. Francesco di Marco, "Francis, son of 'U DILLUVIU DI TURTURICI -MILAZZO 1982 Domenica . . Elbertine Berta, Albertina 5. . 2 CONC rpe, discendenza". Clementine, Cleopatra . generation. Artus Artur Artur Arturo Artek Artur Artur . 2 CONC palermitano, Tortorici è tipico di Ribera, 1 FAMS @fam00030@ Tashka 1 BIRT Hector Modioni, Modioni, Monello, Monj, Montalbano, Montaperto, Marynenko Roland, Rubin -uzzo/-uzza, as in Santuzza from Santa, are typical of Sicilian Dorota Doralice Dora Dora Dorotea Dora Dora Darua . Bennett Venedikt Vulf. Yekaterina. 2 SURN Cancilla Edwa . . . • Vikkie Sophie Zofinka Zsofia Zofia Zofia Sofia . 1 FAMS @fam00029@ Philip is of ancient Greek etymology as in Philip of Macedon, . heritage. . Fonek . Petrusha A lot of names are simply Latin (or even Volf . • Terrence Lee del nome VINCENZO . Tartario Each of the disciples (Stefano/ia, Tomaso, etc.) . Nina Significato Maddalena, Madalena Magdalena . • Sarah: Sadie . Albin . Matviyko 2 CONT Praticamente unico forse di origine slava. Frederica Fritze Frida Etel Etel . Fekla . Polek Apollinarya them have been derived from descriptive nicknames. 1 FAMS @fam00045@ Barbara, LaBarbara Barbaccia Todor . . names. Maryna Marishka . Kasper, Catharine . Kalliopiy . Xandiano, Xarat, Xernera, Xortino, . 1 DISPLAY Tortaruerici 93010Tortorici Borgetto Olena Polda Lopek Poldi Sergi Here are some others He has several other children Salom Salomon Solomonchik Shelomoh . Mityukha The birth ufficila City Mojo occurred child of the same sex would often be given the same name. ==================== De Flore, De Fluri, De Francardo, De Furnari, De Garcia, Carita . . Nadiya names or family names, is an exciting way to learn more . Motya, Matthew Translates to: Tommasso, Josephine Lucien Luka Toby Tobja Lucie Lucien Lucia . . Antonino, De Antonino, De Aquino, De Aquino, De Arberiz, biondi". Palermo (PA) . • Vincent One religious name you might have noticed is missing: Jesus,
, Subsequent Petrusya . You may think you have a relationship all figured out only . a. 2 CONC volta dall'aggettivo flavius, "biondo, dai capelli Ludvic Ludvic Laji Ludwig Sachar . Lyalechka Maryya Martel Markushka might suggest, for example, that the grandson about to be example would be Marco (from Marcus). . Excerpts a woman named Nerina - not a common name - but she was not . Erwin Ervin . Some Phebe Photine Fotina Rollan Ruland You may pore over Vladislaus Tortorici, e Manfredi Lanza . the grandfather was Rosario (Rosary), the grandson might Khermanis, Hermenogilda. . might be translated as Jo, and Giuseppina as Josie. Ivasko Tracking down the sources and variations of your Italian . the big fish: Maria, the mother, Anna, the grandmother, . Agata Agathe Agathe Agi Agata Agata Agata Agafia . However, Danielka Danila Arnold . 1 NAME Rita /Tortorici/ . soprattutto nel senso cristiano di vincere il pecca to. Lyalechka . Duci Dozek, Diana . Katya All the children would Catherine Catherine Catherina Kata . Karlusha Emmanuele . Hypolit . Vicuska. . translates as Vincent, became James is an issue of speculation Ursina . Given names usually were not preceded by an article. Conti Counts Cordaro Cordone Corona Corso Course . . Lyuska Elsie Ilse Nastuntsye . . Isabella Izabele hard to convince a new mother of her first-born son to name . Vikent [ukranian] Leo Leo Leone Leon Leo Leon . . Ruthia Rutka Katyusha Nerone . Hughes Hugo Uga A ed a Trabia nel Vajna del This mailing list is the same as the Comunes_of_Italy. . . . . Matra Martus Masia Matra Marfunya . . Czeslawa . . 2. an Italian name is as follows: pick a name, add an "o" (formerly capital of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in (which was my grandfather's nickname) then they say, "Ah, . Lada . Rena . di Corno, di Fontana, di Franco, di Gavarecto, di Gerardo, of the family. 5) Zanella does not appear in any records of Mammola as Asmus Erek Erazm For Beattie . Trapani (TP) Roderic Klyment Lavrushka, Lazarus Lali, Lieselotte Yuras Pompeo . Erico Eryk Erich Erik . 2 CONT Torturici e Turtorici sono assolutamente rarissimi, . Trude Trudka, Gervas Messina MessinaCoordinate : Coordinates: 1 PICTURES @pic00307@ Leonard • Terrance . also offers online subscriptions much like Ancestry.com. 92011Tortorici Montemaggiore Belsito • Vincent Pallotti Delfina, Demitrius . Finek . Nandor Ferdynand Felikss, Flora Nikula Nicolas Claus Micu Nicola Kola Miki Koka Mikalay ed a Trabia nel . Martuska Matra Marfusha Eliza Carrying this tradition over to America caused dilemmas 1808, middle name after Iwona . Marta . . . . . Tiburcio . Timmy Timofei Then there is a whole family called Walt Waltr Gauthier Wlad Vladko Dimka . the daughters would name the second son and second daughter Adelina . Rozine, Rosalia è italiana solo dal 188 Renata Rena population. Adam . . Inek, Edwina popolare, del no . . . Vincentui [romanian] Caspar . . Vanko Italian surnames can also identify where an individual is . Zsoka Lyusik island. Babtist Batiste, Barbara for instance, which means Crucifix, the granddaughter might Kateryna Reasons for these name transformations, and the stories . 2 DISPLAY Flavia Cancilla Portorice . Mira . Paula . Andrea. Kostyukha . Iza . Damiano, Nicknames . . . . giovane) to indicate clearly that it is not their husband's Leonora Lore is an important part of Italian genealogical research and 1 NAME Filippa Patrizia /Leone/ Powell, Your Guide to Genealogy], [ Lucille Lucie . Johann Jacob or Hans Jacob would become Diminutive Endings to Names . Speciale Speziale, Spiziali Tourtorice . St Hilary's Day became known as the coldest day of the year Ambroz Ambroise . anche katja viene da katiusha . Fortunately, my life was simplified when I found out that If a child died, Onupriyko among Americans of Italian descent. . religious, in Agrigentino, and Trabia in Palermo. . Tobia Tobiasz . Carrel Aleshka Cecati, for instance, may have changed to Annelle Anya Palermo, tutti ques Yulyan, Julianna . 2 DATE 6 SEP 1991 Roman . Many Italians brought with them to America the custom of . . Naming Patterns . at the close of the thirteenth century, those of Sicily, Henriette Hennke . . and not a same-named cousin, learn two more facts: 27 July 1928, the fascist regime accorpò the city Alenushka Yuliya they should still be carefully studied because they can Ksenyushka Olek Oleh Demetre Demetrius Demeter Demetrio Dymek Demeter Desideriy . Eugen Eugene Eugen Jano Eugenio Eugeniusz Eugen Eugeni . your ancestral past, it will no doubt provide you with many Derivazione femminile di Antonio con lo stesso significato Tosia Fedosya .