As you make your way around Favignana, you’ll realise that lots of people rent bicycles and they all get parked up in any available space at beach entrances - therefore make a note of yours so you don’t end up taking someone else’s and make sure you leave it locked when you’re at the beach. If you are seeking peace and quiet, you may think to relocate from Trapani to Favignana for a few days serenity. Personally, we were living off of a couple of bowls of pasta a day and a pastry for breakfast so were very happy to get to burn off a few calories with our own pedal power! Bue Marino was one of my favourites. If you'd prefer to spend a little time in Favignana town before heading out around the island, you could also consider visiting one of several agencies located there, as they seemed to have the cheapest rates on the island. Have you taken a day trip from Trapani to Favignana, Sicily? You can really gather some speed and the feeling of cycling at high speed, overtaking the regular bikes with the wind rushing through your hair, is just amazing! By using these affiliate links you are directly supporting Along Dusty Roads to stay on the road, and to provide you with free content to help you travel more, and travel better. Most of the highlights of the island are on the east side.  | See reviews. There was a long stay car park where I left my car for a few days. There are a couple of bar/restaurants but I still prefer La Costa Cafe above! Rental was around €20-25 per day. The island of Favignana is now a popular tourist … Getting from Trapani to Favignana in Sicily is super easy. Once you’ve got your wheels sorted, it’s time to hit the beautiful coastline and beaches. Love this article I really want to go now. If this style of property is to your liking but you’d prefer ocean views and a more intimate experience, Cave Garden Rooms also comes highly rated. Here are some other articles about Sicily and Italy you may enjoy: For more places to inspire your Europe travels : If you enjoyed this article, perhaps save it for later or share it with your friends using the buttons below! Whilst I did also see people walking between each beach, I do not recommend this. A much nicer way to travel is my bike or moped. Do not rely solely on them! To find out more and check availability, click here. I did eventually stumble on the main street which was much busier by comparison and there were several bars and restaurants. Not only was the ocean incredibly pretty, but the landscape surrounding was also pretty incredible. We found so much joy in idly cycling along the coast and through the arid countryside, that we genuinely wouldn't recommend hiring a scooter for your Favignana based activities - unless perhaps you were planning on being here for a few days and needed a faster mode of transport to access the beaches. It's possible to hire private boats, but of course this is going to cost you significantly more. Drawn in by the convenience and shade, we got a surprisingly tasty plate of vegetarian pasta here for €9 as well as some very welcome cold beers, but expect to pay quite a bit more for seafood. With a population of just over 4,000 permanent residents, it may come as a little surprise to learn that the island has more than 300 Airbnb options! 01279870495, venue listed at C.C.I.A. Ferry Departure Point | In Trapani, make your way to Via Ammiraglio Staiti 55-61 (Google Maps) to buy your ticket and board. However, for daytrippers, it saves time and is more convenient to get it sorted near the harbour and go! The bar/restaurant at Marasolo was cool and relaxed for a drink, but only seemed to do panini. Marasolo | If you only fancy a snack, consider the small cove about 10 minutes further on. Stylish, with views to die for and direct access to the beach. It’s also worth taking the rental company’s details in case you get lost, stuck, need help, or get a flat tyre. Only 200 yards from Cala Graziosa beach, the small family-run resort, set in a floral Mediterranean garden is a 10-minute walk from Favignana centre. It suggests its not a hire car and less likely to have luggage in it. Finally, make your way back to the port, nab yourself an ice cream and then wander along the jetty watching the fishermen at work. It is a small island but perhaps not small enough to do it justice in one day on foot! Whilst there’s no beach here and the landscape is pretty rugged, there are plenty of spaces to relax with day beds and deck chairs. In this guide you’ll find all the essential information you need to get to the island by ferry, advice on how you get around Favignana, tips on what to bring with you, our own itinerary that allows you take in the best of Favignana as a day trip, and more than enough photos to (hopefully) convince you that this truly is one of the most beautiful places in Sicily. © COPYRIGHT ALONG DUSTY ROADS LTD 2014 -2020, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED - PHOTOGRAPHY CANNOT BE USED WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION, A Guide to Favignana Island, Sicily | The Perfect Day Trip, A Short Guide To Visiting Erice, Sicily | The Medieval Hill Town, A Definitive Guide to Palolem | South Goa's Most Popular Beach, this eye-wateringly expensive private yacht experience, A Complete Guide to Noto | The Baroque Beauty of South-East Sicily, What Things Cost In Sicily | Plan Your Holiday Budget, How To Spend A Day (or More) in Taormina | Sicily's Most Popular Hilltop Town, This Is Our Perfect Sicily Road Trip Itinerary, A Short Guide to Modica | The Beautiful Home of Sicily's Best Chocolate, 15 Essential Things To Know Before Driving in Sicily, A Curated Guide to Trapani | A Wonderful Base in West Sicily. Cave Bianche Hotel | Set within the site of an old quarry, this beautiful hotel is the perfect choice for those that prefer a more resort like experience. Whilst they run a fairly frequent service with their large, modern boats (especially in the warmer summer months), due to Favignana's popularity both as a day trip and as a holiday destination for locals and visitors, the ferries do have a tendency to leave at full capacity - something … The route Trapani-Favignana is served by the following companies Trip Overview Trapani Favignana. You can book your ticket here and there is no need to pre-book. You also need to cycle through a dark tunnel at one point - it’s totally safe and manageable, but just pay attention to what the signs tell you before you enter and stick to the cycle lane. Looking down on it the colours vary from the deepest navy to the palest aqua. It was such a shame that we had a ferry to catch! If you’re travelling in a larger group, these are great options: Residenza le Volte | Centralissima con Giardino | Casa Piffero del Baglio del Piffero. Tagged: italy, sicily, favignana, trapani. Full and current timetables can be found here on the Liberty Lines website. Being keen to get out and explore, after checking that they had good quality bikes, we chose to rent from the first company that you encounter after disembarking. Sign up for my monthly travel newsletter and get VIP access to my freebie library packed full of goodies. This for me was the least spectacular of the beaches I visited. The to Favignana lines are covered by 2 different sailing companies ( Caronte & Tourist and Liberty Lines ) who offer a total of 308 weekly connections with traveling times ranging between 10 min and 2 hr 55 min (frequent, all day departures). But for most, a day trip to Favignana is all you need. Come and join me on my adventures around the world…. I’ve been living in Sicily for 18 months, but still haven’t made it to the west coast. Whilst you’ll find the occasional beach restaurant, none are so nice as La Costa which I stumbled upon mid-route to Lido Burrone. In fact, it felt very much like somewhere we could spend the entire day. Although a handful of spots on the island are accessible by car, the vast majority of people choose to get around the dusty roads of the islands on two wheels. It’s then time to hop on the ferry from Favignana to Trapani on the mainland of Sicily! Please note that some the links on our site are affiliate links. So, this means that if you'd like to spend a little longer here, you'll need to be super organised and get your hotel or apartment booked sooner rather than later. Gli utenti con età inferiore ai 18 are free. I’d never tried one of these before and it was so much fun! There is only one ferry company that operates the route between Trapani and Favignana, and that's Liberty Lines. I’d given up on the map at this point but I was able to easily work out where I was meant to go by looking at the landscape! Further details | There is a small kiosk (technically the back of a van) selling drinks at the entrance but if you plan on spending the day, and want some food, you'll either have to bring your own or make your way to 'Robertino' (Google Maps) - half tent, half van, great sandwiches. If you choose to purchase through these links, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. However, it is probably the most easily accessible with shallow water so it seems to be the most family friendly. I veicoli adibiti al trasporto sui laghi vengono genericamente chiamati natanti e possono essere di molti tipi differenti: aliscafo, battello, catamarano, motonave, motoscafo, traghetto. If you're concerned about your fitness or timing, It's worth noting that the majority of the bike hire companies also rented out electric bikes. Note that there is actually another ferry operated by Siremar, but it takes over an hour and costs the same price, so we don’t recommend it for day trips to Favignana. Located approximately halfway around Favignana is Lido Burrone. Since Favignana is so small, there are very few cars on the roads. Its location on the west coast of the island means that it's also quite possibly the best place to watch the sun set on Favignana, Aperol Spritz in hand ‘natch. You have two options for this: As will become immediately obvious as soon as you step off of the ferry, there are a lot of bike and scooter rental places in Favignana! It is situated approximately 18 kilometers (11 miles) west of the coast of Sicily, between Trapani and Marsala, the coastal area where the Stagnone Lagoon and the international airport of Trapani, are sited. It’s well-located in the centre of Favignana town, has a large roof terrace with spectacular views and pleasant rooms. They were kind, allowing me to take photos and film them working – but please ask permission first! And whilst that does come at a cost (doubles start from £187 per night), if you can afford it, it’s probably our top pick. There are regular daily departures (one every hour during our visit), with increased frequency over the summer months. Rental for the day was €10 per bike, which included a chain, although you could rent older bikes for €5 per day if you're on a budget. We’ve plotted all our must-visit stops on the map below, and recommend you visit them in a clockwise manner, stopping at Cala Rossa first. Part of the three Egadi islands, it continues to be the most beautiful, most popular and the most treasured amongst Italians and an increasing number of travellers looking for sunshine, dusty roads, and saltwater blues to rival any Caribbean island we’ve ever visited. You will find articles a-plenty about mid-budget travel for professionals, travel photography, travel health and travel blogging! Typically Sicilian, there are plenty of spots to grab a well deserved gelato ('Mama's Ice Cream' did not disappoint) or refreshing granita - or indulge in a pastry from the hugely popular 'La Pasticceria'. I’m dying to see Favignana and Trapani! La Costa Sunset Bar | Located on the left hand side, a few minutes before Lido Burrone, La Costa is all white wash wood, cool vibes and great views. Never before have I seen an ocean that blue! As ever, be sure that you have appropriate insurance for this, wear a helmet, check the vehicle and take pictures, and drive safe. Adults: … Call center: (+39) 050 754492 I only wish I could have taken a swim but carrying all my camera gear and travelling solo made that tricky! It’s also important to note that in the summer months in particular, most accommodations have a two or three night minimum stay requirement. For this you have two options: either pre-plot all your stops (we recommend them below) on a Google Map and follow that with your GPS and the signs scattered around the island - read this post on how to download a Google Map offline if data is an issue - or grab yourself one of the easily accessible maps when you step off of the ferry. Alternatively, a couple of minutes walk further up from the harbour, there’s a line of places renting bikes for between €5 and €15, dependent upon quality (and perhaps how much you're willing to negotiate!). You will find huge towers of eroded rocks and caves to hide from the heat. of Pisa ranked # 137953. xx. The good news is that a day trip from Trapani to Favignana in Sicily is super easy and accessible. I enjoyed cycling leisurely around its quiet back alleys getting some insight into the non-touristy side of life on Favignana, Sicily. If there is a group of you, there are also opportunities to hire a boat or even take an organised sailing trip. You can either opt for a one-way or a return ticket. And, for those less keen on perching atop a rock, you'll be pleased to know that this is one of the few coves with a beach; a particularly pebbly beach, but a beach no less. If you're keen to spend time at here but the crowds become a little too much, follow the coast a little further to the east where there are large rocks that you can sunbathe on. Up until this point, Favignana had seemed so quiet I found myself wondering if anyone was actually living here! Don’t miss out Favignana town itself – a typical Sicilian town. It’s also really important to note that by following this route, you need to ensure you have enough time to make your way back from your final stop (Cala Rotunda) to Favignana town. Bar Ristorante Pizzeria La Playa | A little further along, and you'll find this little restaurant. It was very central. Further details | There's a small area for you to tie up your bicycle, and a bar opposite from which you can buy drinks and snacks. E' possibile partecipare ad alcuni tour in barca dell'isola di Favignana, sia con partenza da Trapani sia con partenza da Favignana. We absolutely adored our time exploring this beautiful little island. Use them to cool off if you are visiting in the middle of summer! We chose the return ticket option in order to maximise our time exploring Favignana (and not in a queue at the harbour in order to secure the return journey which also fills up in advance). Pack | For a day trip to Favignana, you need to bring all the necessary beach stuff, lots of suncream, a hat, sea shoes if you have them (Italians love ‘em and they’re really necessary on the spiky rocks at some spots), phone charger or battery pack, a sarong or something to lie on, and plenty cash. When buying your return ticket in advance or in person, note that you have to choose the specific departure time you will be coming back to Trapani - and do not miss it! There is only one ferry company that operates the route between Trapani and Favignana, and that's Liberty Lines. Just make your way to the port and there is a hut there for ‘Liberty Lines’ ferries. Please don’t get stranded! Pin it for later! The caves were pretty awesome too! The most famous bay on the island and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular! To find out more and check availability, click here. This means that even when we visited, Cala Azzura didn't feel overwhelmingly busy. And whilst we could have happily decamped here for a few sunkissed days, Favignana is absolutely perfect for a day trip from the coastal town of Trapani, with everything that makes the island so wonderful easily explored and enjoyed between sun up and sun down, and covered at a gentle pace on two wheels. If you are seeking peace and quiet, you may think to relocate from Trapani to Favignana for a few days serenity. The island is small – 14 square miles – and a day is the perfect amount of time to get a really good feel for the place and to visit as many of the beautiful … If bringing luggage - more than a daypack or beach stuff - we think it's included on the price but you need to get a sticker / ticket for the bag before you board. You will need to choose your return ferry time in advance. Insurance policy Compagnia Italiana Assicurazioni policy n.2020 / 07/6185182 However, it’s worth bearing in mind that for your own visit you'll either want to get there much earlier than we did to join the queue or simply save yourself the stress and buy your Favignana ferry ticket in advance online - you can buy Trapani Favignana ferry tickets on the Liberty Lines website or on Direct Ferries. Hi! Slowly cycling around the Favignana was an absolute delight, and the interior of the island also serves up photogenic treats of fauna and stylish and quirkily designed holiday homes - so don’t feel that you just have to stick to the coast all the time! My goodness, this spot is fabulous - and by far our favourite. But what I did find was a dramatic scene of yet more multicoloured azure waters lapping against a red sandstone rugged coastline. Reach Favignana and two other Aegean Islands via ferry from Trapani to the north and Marsala farther south. Wherever and whatever you rent, confirm the last bicycle drop-off time (ours was 6.30 pm), check the tyres, and give the bike a test ride. There are areas of smoothed rock where you can lay a towel but if you plan on venturing into the sea (and you absolutely should), we'd recommend bringing a pair of sea slippers or - if they have a strap - just wearing your flip flops. Soft limestone rocks eroded away and also used for making stone bricks for building, the rocky scenery is nothing short of impressive. To get to to Cala Rossa, you need to come out of the harbour with your bicycle and go immediately left - don’t go into the town! If your first stop is Calla Rossa (see below) then you’ll find it well signposted. Oh my god the FOOD! Have a fab time! Opening time: tutti i giorni dalle 10:00 alle 17:00. Whilst you can rent a car to get about, really there is no need. AVERAGE VOTE: You may wish to turn up a little earlier or book the night before if you are here in peak season as I suspect it will be busier. If you do purchase online, make sure you’re at the dock in good time before departure. but this would definitely be our top pick otherwise - especially for seafood lovers. I contemplated carrying on but am so glad I decided not to. Cost |  A return journey costs €20 per person. To find out more and check availability, click here. The island of Favignana is home to countless coves, beaches and swimming spots, and we’re pretty sure that on a hot, sunny day, we would enjoy each and every moment spent at any of them. The coral makes pretty patterns in the seascape and the water looks so inviting. The final stop before heading back to the town, Cala Rotonda offers up a much more relaxed experience than elsewhere on the island. The island is small – 14 square miles – and a day is the perfect amount of time to get a really good feel for the place and to visit as many of the beautiful beaches and landmarks in Favignana as possible. But please note, whilst a map is useful, they are not very accurate! With no beach as such, it is the smooth rocks of an old quarry and a man-made ledge upon which you can stretch out, towel to towel with bronzed Italian bodies. Minimum duration: 30 min: Maximum duration: 80 min: Racing per day: 17: Distance: 18.52 km: First and last races Trapani Favignana. Few will afford this eye-wateringly expensive private yacht experience, but there are much more affordable options such as this full day tour for, and this one, both of which include lunch and time at various coves on Favignana and Levanzo. MARINE PROTECTED AREA OF EGADI ISLANDS. How to reach the port of Trapani The maritime station is a point of reference for all tourists departing and arriving and offers numerous useful services, from tourist information to catering. Entry is €6 per person and further details can be found here. Prezzo biglietto 6,00 €, ridotto 3,00 € per gli studenti di età inferiore ai 25 anni. What to See in Rotterdam in One Day – The Netherlands Coolest City. A coastline created by nature, re-imagined by man and nurtured by time. 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OMG how is this Italy? Not 100%sure about the surf however the weather here in April is perfect and it’s fairly quiet! Shallow azure waters atop a bed of white sand, alive under a hot Sicilian sun - a single glance and it's clear to see how this little cove got its name. As always, I love hearing from you so pop a comment below! Favignana (Faugnana in Sicilian) is a 'comune' including three islands (Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo) of the Aegadian Islands, southern Italy. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thanks for all the information you include, great blog! Unfortunately, the only meal on offer that afternoon was octopus so we had to keep on pedalling (although the cocktail menu was mighty tempting!) Your email address will not be published. The ferry itself takes 30 minutes each way. The ocean is here is just incredible. The price for each leg of the journey is the same, but for day-trips it is highly recommended to go for the return option so you are guaranteed a spot on a boat at a convenient time. The outdoor bar and cafe serves a basic selection of sandwiches or salads but also serves an array of cocktails. I bought mine at 9 am in April. Bar Restaurant Lido Burrone | This is the next food spot you'll pass on your left and, as the name would suggest, it’s associated with the beach. Either of these will take you to the main town on the northern part of the island where you’ll find an impressive assortment of hotels and restaurants. Admittedly the signs after Calla Rossa get a little less reliable but in general, if you hug the coast, you should get to see the main beaches. Hi, I’ve started to read your Sicilian road trip tips, as we want to go to Sicily by our car from Turkey (my country) this summer. It’s easy to get to from Sicily and flights to Sicily from uk are very reasonable! Explore Favignana Town | We had only limited time in Favignana town before hopping on the ferry back to Trapani, but it is undoubtedly a lovely place to take a stroll. Whilst they run a fairly frequent service with their large, modern boats (especially in the warmer summer months), due to Favignana's popularity both as a day trip and as a holiday destination for locals and visitors, the ferries do have a tendency to leave at full capacity - something we discovered when attempting to buy a ticket at 8.10 am for the 8.30 am departure! Bamboo shades, reclaimed wood, cold drinks, and a cool soundtrack - this was very much our sort of bar. I am currently in Europe and really craving the Caribbean… what is the surf like here? As we mention above, due to size and proximity to the town (it's only about a 7 minute cycle ride away), this large cove is a super popular spot for day trippers and Favignana-based holiday makers alike. Ex. Whilst there is no beach as such, it is still a popular swimming location and you can see why! The perfect place for a quick, cheap bite but expect long queues during peak season. Vehicles used in lake navigation are … All trademarks are registered by their respective owners. Thankfully there was both another departure at 9.10 am and a little cafe across the street for a particularly frothy cappuccino. Head out of town keeping the ocean on your left and follow signs – you’ll find it easily. Throw in the fact that it's probably the least pretty spot here (the bar is set pretty high!)